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My Final Week at Banting House

I knew I would one day be writing this post, but it didn’t feel like it would happen quite so soon – this is my last week at Banting House, … Continue reading

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A Thank-You To Our Volunteers

This week, our curator Grant is taking a well-deserved vacation, and I am once again in charge of the museum. Now that I’m coming to the end of my time … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Banting

Every time I give a tour at the museum, I note one of the most touching parts of the house: the cue cards sitting in Frederick Banting’s bedroom. This is … Continue reading

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Visitors to Banting House, Old & New

As a tour guide at Banting House, I am often asked about the visitors who come here. Have any celebrities visited? How many people visit? Where are they from? In … Continue reading

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Artifact Adventures

When visitors come to Banting House, they see everything as it should be – artifacts set neatly in gleaming exhibits, ready to be seen. However, as I discovered this morning, … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes – and Under the Main Floor – of Banting House!

Working at Banting House, I have slowly been exploring the mysteries of the museum. Hidden staircases, closets, and rooms are just some of the places I have discovered! However, the … Continue reading

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Taking the Lead at Banting House!

As a summer intern at Banting House, I have spent most of my time thus far learning the ropes – but this week, I am taking charge of the entire … Continue reading

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Week 3 at Banting House: International Experiences

Banting House often receives visitors from all over the world – it is a place of pilgrimage for those who have and those who research diabetes. Banting’s life and legacy … Continue reading

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The Paintings of Frederick Banting

Doctor Frederick Banting: Visionary scientist, researcher and… artist? Banting’s discovery of insulin came to define his life and career, and although it was his best-known accomplishment, it was certainly not … Continue reading

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My First Week at Banting House

Hello all! My name is Kylie Smith and this summer, I am the Special Events Assistant/Interpreter at Banting House National Historic Site of Canada. As a history and anthropology student … Continue reading

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