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World Diabetes Day 2019: Behind the Scenes                                                                          Paintings and Places                                                                                                              Opening Doors                                                                                                                               New Beginnings at Banting House                                                                                Reflections of a Research Assistant
Banting’s “Star” Patient 
Charles Best After Insulin Co-Discovery
The Road to Designation 
Frederick Banting’s Only Child
Dr. Henrietta Banting
Behind the Scenes of Collections Management

Exciting New Acquisition 
Translating Dear Dr. Banting Letters
Experiential Tourism Workshop
Banting at the Canadian National Exhibition
Banting’s First American House Call
S.S. Frederick Banting Sets Sail
Insulin Patent Sold for $1
Discoveries from a Doctor’s Bag 
Banting Books to Add to Your Reading List

World Diabetes Day 2018 Recap
Banting as a Boy
You, Too, Can Enjoy Banting’s Four Seasons
Why is this Monument Blue?
Third Time’s the Charm
Why is there a Ballet Slipper in Our Collection?
Wilbur Franks > Charlotte’s Friend and the Hot Sauce
The Updated “Faces of Diabetes” 
Adventures in Collection Management
How My Unique Degree Brought Me to Banting House NHSC
The Pilgrimage Tour to Banting House NHSC
The Long Life of One of Banting’s First Patients
A Reintroduction to Banting

Banting House meets Western University
Past Perfect
“Canadian to the Core” – A List of Must See Items
Putting Research Skills to Use
The Nitty Gritty
The Next Chapter
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Dr. Banting
Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes!
The Visitors Make the Experience
What is Diabetes: A Museum with Meaning
Saying Goodbye to Banting House
6 Degrees (or less!) of Separation: Personal Connections to Frederick Banting
Banting’s Legacy: Insulin Innovations
Global Guests at Banting House
Before Banting: Treatments for Diabetes in the Pre-Insulin Era
Pokémon GO comes to Banting House!
Banting and the Second World War
Summer has Started at Banting House!
Banting’s Unpublished Memoirs: In His Own Words
Behind the Scenes: Banting and Friends VIII!
Back at Banting House!
“Moment of Inspiration”
Banting’s Books for World Book Day
Uncovering Banting’s Last Moments
Final Week at Banting House
Banting and Best (and Macleod and Collip)
Banting The Painter
Lady Banting
World Diabetes Day
Banting In The Military
“Dear Dr. Banting”: Where It All Began
Medical Gallery
Banting’s Doctor’s Office
“Three Stories. One Life.”
Doors Open London
Getting Familiar
Starting At Banting House
My Final Week at Banting House
A Thank-You To Our Volunteers
Dear Dr. Banting
Visitors to Banting House, Old & New
Artifact Adventures
Behind the Scenes – and Under the Main Floor – of Banting House!
Taking the Lead at Banting House!
Week 3 at Banting House: International Experiences
The Paintings of Frederick Banting
My First Week at Banting House
What Would You Save in a Fire?
The End of My Research Assistantship at Banting House
A Sneak Peak into the Collection at Banting House
Historical Research – Never a Dull Moment!
Banting’s Bed
Coding at a History Museum?
The Power of Photographs
Banting Remembered: 74 Years Later
Banting House Wins the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and Heritage London Foundation’s Built Heritage Award!
Sir Frederick Banting’s Personal Life
Authenticity and Landscaping at Banting House
Talking about Commemorative Integrity at Banting House
Banting and His Art
A Generous Donation from the London Police Service
Banting’s Apothecary
Reflecting on My First Term at Banting House NHSC
Banting and the Nobel Prize
Banting and the First World War
Giving Objects Meaning
Reflecting on World Diabetes Day 2014
World Diabetes Day Is Here!
Diabetes Before Insulin and What Banting House is Doing for World Diabetes Day
October 31st: The Beginning of an Idea
Diabetes Awareness: The Munzee Project in London
The Sir Frederick G. Banting Square
Learning from Visitors and Gearing Up for World Diabetes Day
A Beautiful Weekend for Doors Open
Exploring the Hidden (and Not so Hidden) Treasures at Banting House
Week 2 at Banting House: Tours and Event Planning!
My First Week at Banting House
Behind the Scenes: My Last Day at Banting House
Behind the Scenes: This Week’s Adorable Tours!
King for a Day, more accurately: Temporary Museum Caretaker
Fun Facts about the Flame of Hope!
Miss Idaho and the Faces of Diabetes
Banting: A stellar individual
Behind the Scenes: Website Editing and Intriguing Facts
Behind the Scenes: Tours and Artifacts
Banting & Friends VI
Behind the Scenes: A Very Busy First Week
Behind the scenes: Goodbye Banting House
A (graphic) novel approach: the Banting biography as you’ve never seen it before!
Behind the scenes: the restoration project
Behind the scenes: first day in collections management
Your copy of The Flame is ready
Behind the scenes: history matters
Behind the scenes: Commemorative Integrity
Understanding Dr. Banting’s Hypothesis: Part II
Behind the scenes: working with artifacts
Behind the scenes: online adventures in 2014
Behind the Scenes: My last post of the year
Behind the Scenes: getting ready for Christmas!
Behind the scenes: always learning something new
Thank you for a great World Diabetes Day!
Major Sir Frederick Banting M.C., war hero
10 days to go!
Dr. Banting’s Hypothesis: Part I
Behind the scenes: teamwork
Behind the scenes: after the diagnosis
Behind the scenes: pleasant surprises
Behind the scenes: exhibit design
Behind the scenes: a month in
Behind the Scenes: special events
Behind the scenes: becoming a tour guide
Behind the scenes at Banting House: my first week
Your First Visit
Tell Us Where You’re From
The Museum Intern: A Day in the Life
An Online Tour of Sir Frederick G. Banting Square
Hello and Welcome!
Banting & Jackson: A Shared Passion for Painting
Our Man on the Moon: The Naming of Banting Crater
From a Research Intern’s Perspective (Part 2)
From a Research Intern’s Perspective (Part 1)
Volunteering at Banting House
The Importance of the Story in History
Dear Dr. Fred…
Artists of Banting & Friends IV
Banting & Friends IV
Three Reasons to Visit Banting House