S.S. Frederick Banting Sets Sail

Seventy-five years ago last month on December 20th, 1943 the S.S. Frederick Banting was launched from Baltimore, Maryland. This ship was build in thirty-one days by the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards Inc. and measured 500 feet long, weighed 10,000 tons, and cost $2,000,000 to construct. This was part of the U.S. Liberty ship programme which in 1941 […]

Insulin Patent Sold for $1

About the sale of the patent of insulin for $1 Banting reportedly said, “Insulin belongs to the world, not to me.” Banting first met with Dr. John Macleod on November 6th, 1920 to share his idea for how to isolate what would come to be called insulin. Though Macleod was initially wary of Banting, as […]

Discoveries from a Doctor’s Bag

I am about to hit a big milestone in my work here at Banting House NHSC. I am almost finished inputting a new collection into Past Perfect! What was suppose to be a small project that would take a day or two quickly turned into a much larger task. Here’s the story about what I […]

Banting Books to Add to Your Reading List

With the cold winter months upon us what better time is there to curl up with a good book? There are many great biographies of Sir Frederick Banting available. I thought I would share two of my favourites to add to your “to read” list. In terms of biographies on Banting the one I keep […]

World Diabetes Day 2018 Recap

Were you not able to make it out to our WDD2018 event or you just want to relive the celebrations? Well look no further! On November 14th, 2018 Banting House NHSC held our World Diabetes Day 2018 celebrations! With months of planning behind the event it was great to see it finally come to fruition. […]

Banting as a Boy

To celebrate Banting’s 127th birthday this past Wednesday I decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to his childhood. I recently realized that I didn’t know much about Banting’s life before he started University, so I cracked open a few books and did some research. What I found was fascinating information that shed light on […]

You, Too, Can Enjoy Banting’s Four Seasons

Even if they have no prior knowledge of his “hobby,” fans of Sir Frederick Banting the medical genius invariably become fans of Sir Frederick Banting the painter. We are often asked by our visitors and friends, and must sadly advise them that regrettably so very few of Banting’s 200-plus original paintings are actually available for […]